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Escalation Matrix of Host Oye Website

Best Destination, excellent service to all our customers at Host Oye Website, resolve new problems from time to time, Host Oye Website sales and technical team is dedicatedly committed to solve problems quickly and efficiently for our customers. We regard every customer as an asset of the company and we are always striving to provide the best support in the best way. Also known for the transparency and good corporate behavior as fast as at all times.

If any inconvenience faced to our beloved customers, unhappy with any of services with Host Oye Website, not received a satisfactory response from our Sales or Technical Desk you can escalate to our CRM. Please feel free connecting us, all our communication channels are opened round the clock for our beloved customers.

You can connect our sales or technical team and you can expect a response to your query within 3 hours for email sent. Our Office manager will thoroughly investigate any issues raised by our clients for resolving the issues faced.

We are pleased to answer questions for our clients and for your kind information, to answer the confidentiality of a discussion Host Oye Website, so we can call you or email you ask you security questions to confirm that we are connected to the right client. Host Oye Website believes in building long lasting relationship with all its clients. Host Oye Website provides a satisfying answer, Sales and Technical Center is not received, and you can also measure the CEO. You are welcome to open all channels of communication all day, before the customers love to close.

  • Escalation Level
  • 1st level escalations
  • 2nd level escalations
  • 3rd level escalations
  • Time Duration
  • 3-5 hours
  • 5-8 hours
  • 12 hours
  • Name
  • Support Team
  • Ranjith Kumar
  • CRM Team