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Security Goals


Information within our infrastructure and systems will only be accessible by authorized users.


Data and information within our infrastructure cannot be tampered with by any unauthorized user

Data Protection

Data within the systems cannot be harmed, deleted or destroyed

Companies that do not have a good monitoring system, or worse, don't have one at all, have larger downtimes and are increasing the risk of potential damage caused due to service disruptions. An undetected minor issue can change into a major issue rapidly, increasing the amount of damage caused.

Our monitoring systems and tools provide our system administrators with an all-encompassing view into the health of our globally distributed infrastructure. We monitor a large number of parameters related to the health of our servers and individual services that reside on them.

Services Monitored Include

Network Connectivity
Server Disk Space
Server Memory Usage
Web Services - HTTP, HTTPS & FTP
Email Services - SMTP, POP & IMAP
Database Services - MySQL, MSSQL
DNS Services
All Log Files

If any server or service fails, or any resource utilization exceeds specified limits, then a notification pops-up immediately on the screen of all our Infrastructure Monitoring Staff. The notification system also handles escalation of issues i.e. if the issue is not resolved within 'x' minutes, SMS alerts are sent out to higher level system administrators, and subsequently to Management. All of this allows us to detect and resolve any issue within minutes of it happening and ensures maximum uptime for your customers.